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  • Follow the aftercare instructions that you will have been given.
  • Feed your baby straight after the circumcision.
  • Make sure at least 1 parent is available for the first twenty-four hours to give the baby full attention. Your baby may be unsettled during this time.
  • A dressing will have been placed around the penis after the operation. This is to absorb the small amount of blood that may leak out from the wound.
  • The dressing will be removed before you leave the clinic and a new dressing placed on the penis.
  • On some occasions about 12 to 24 hours later bring your baby to my clinic to check on the wound and the dressing.
  • Keep calm and sober, I am available if you need me.
  • The wound will appear raw and swollen and this appearance will start to settle down within a few days. Pain relief medication is advised.
  • You are required to keep in contact with me by text or mobile every four hours for the 1st 12 hours after the circumcision or any other time of the day or night if you are concerned in any way.
  • If you would like I can arrange a follow up appointment for two weeks after the dressing has been removed.

Will there be complications following a Circumcision?

Complications are rare. Occasionally there is bleeding or swelling. Other complications may include infection, meatal ulcer or stenosis & reopcircumcision, but as mentioned these are rare and can be treated with medication.

Sometimes the wound continues to leak fluid or blood. If this happens try to apply pressure. If it does not stop please contact me.

If you notice your wound looks very red and swollen or you have a yellow (pus) discharge around the wound area you may have an infection, please contact me.

What will the penis look like after the Circumcision?

The dressing will have now been removed and the normal appearance is red and raw which gradually settles initially over 14-21 days. A loose gauze swab cover will have been placed around, which may come off spontaneously and is quite normal to come off, no need to worry!

The colour, appearance & bleeding gradually settle initially over 14-21 days, the red raw healing area exudes healing tissue (not pus), the swelling around gradually resolves.

This exudate will be a kind of beige colour, thin or thick in consistency, and not to be confused with pus or infection. Exudate is a normal healing of this type of circumcision wounding since there are no stitches. The time taken for the wound to heal completely depends on the age of the child and the size of the raw area, but initially is 14-21 days. The joining skin ("rim, ridge, tyre, band") takes much longer.

The unusual appearance amazes or can even concern those doctors and nurses who have not previously seen this method (no stitch) of normal wound healing (exposed raw flesh on the penile shaft, NOT pus/wound infection) around the skin margins. Please reassure anyone who has not witnessed this normal healing process.

Its best to keep placing Jelonet gauzes or the like on the penis for four to six weeks after the procedure to avoid friction between the nappy and the newly developing skin. This should be changed when you change the baby's nappy.

If you require any further information please contact us.

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