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Book a Circumcision or Brit Milah

You can book an appointment for either a circumcision or a Brit Milah before your baby's birth, but be prepared that I may not do the circumcision on the scheduled day if for whatever reason I feel the baby is not well and fit enough for me to perform the circumcision.

If you live anywhere in the UK and it involves too much travelling for you to come to my clinic, I will be happy to provide you with contact details of other Certified Practitioners and Mohelim that are authorised and registered to perform your baby's circumcision.

I will not perform a circumcision on a baby less than 8 days old. On the 8th day or any time thereafter, I will perform your baby's circumcision however this will depend on my schedule.

If you require a Jewish ritual circumcision, then it is ideal to have this performed on your child's 8th day of age during the 1st part of the day (if this is possible). If you have missed this time there is no need to worry I can still carry out Jewish ritual circumcision.

My price varies depending on which services you require (e.g. home visits are extra) for the circumcision. All circumcisions include pre-operative assessment, surgical procedure and postoperative care including follow up.

To book an appointment or for any other info you require, just feel free to email, call or text me at any time. You will be asked some questions about the mother, baby & birth to make sure that we can perform a circumcision on your baby. You will be encouraged to discuss all aspects of the procedure with me. This will enable you to make your decision knowing exactly what is involved.

I will happily give you the time you need.

The Mohel (Practitioner)

A Mohel is a specialist surgeon with special expertise in Jewish ritual circumcision.

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Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment
for a Circumcision or Brit Milah before your baby's birth.

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Parents Checklist

Be prepared for your baby's circumcision, follow our parents checklist and instructions.

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After the circumcision you may need some guidance & aftercare advice we are here to help

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