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Practitioner (The Mohel)

Who am I?

I, Joseph Schleider, am a certified Initiation Society Circumcision Practitioner (Mohel), and I hold a current annual certificate with the Initiation Society for practicing circumcisions and Brit Milot.

Why use me?

What is a Mohel? (This will only apply if you require a Jewish ceremonial circumcisions)

A Mohel (Hebrew: מוהל, plural Mohelim, pronunciation: moy'el, mo'hel) is a specialist surgeon with special expertise in Jewish ritual circumcision (not just a doctor or surgeon) that is qualified and practices Brit Milot (circumcisions). To qualify as a Mohel one must be a G-d-fearing, Torah observant Jew (Shulchan Aruch, Yora Deah , chapter. 264.1), and must also be trained in all of the myriad Jewish laws and medical laws pertaining to Brit Milah.

What is the Initiation Society?

The Initiation Society is the oldest Anglo-Jewish organisation. Founded over 250 years ago, it has existed to ensure the highest medical and religious standards for circumcisions and Brit Milot amongst its practitioners and Mohelim.

The Initiation society works in close contact with the London Beth Din and all of its Mohelim have undergone & passed formal Practical and Halachical training and exam qualifications both in the medical and Halachic (religious) aspects of circumcisions and Brit Milot.

Amongst the board heading the Intiation Socity are many practicing doctors that preform circumcisions and Brit Milot on a regular basis.

If you would like any further information about me please feel free to make contact contact us.

The Mohel (Practitioner)

A Mohel is a specialist surgeon with special expertise in Jewish ritual circumcision.

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