parent checklist

Before I come to you or you leave your house with your baby to come to my clinic for your baby’s circumcision, please make sure you have or have done the following. This will ensure the circumcision runs smoothly and baby is comfortable.

Purchase a pack of 10 Jelonet Paraffin Gauze Dressing 10cm X 10cm (exact size is a must). Either from your local pharmacy, bear in mind they may need time to order it in, or online – .

Ensure at least 1 parent will be available for the first twenty-four hours after the circumcision to be there for the baby.

Bath the baby a couple of hours before the circumcision if this is possible.

Both parents should attend the circumcision. If you struggle with English, bring with someone who can translate for you e.g. a friend. Please inform us of this in advance.

Do not feed your baby for a least an hour before the procedure, so that he is hungry and ready for a feed afterwards.

Please ensure your son is wearing a babygrow that will provide easy access to his nappy.

Please bring with you or have present at least 10 nappies.

Before undertaking your son’s circumcision, I will discuss the nature of the procedure after which both parents will required to sign a simple consent form.

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