Thank you for using our circumcision service.
Below are some the aftercare points for you to refer back to for your convenience.

  • Follow the aftercare instructions that you will have been given.
  • Feed your baby straight after the circumcision.
  • Make sure at least 1 parent is available for the first twenty-four hours to give the baby full attention. Your baby may be unsettled during this time.
  • A dressing will have been placed around the penis after the operation. This is to absorb the small amount of blood that may leak out from the wound.
  • The dressing will be removed before you leave the centre and a new dressing placed on the penis.
  • On some occasions, about 12 to 24 hours later, bring your baby to my centre to check on the wound and the dressing.
  • Keep calm, I am available if you need me.
  • The wound will appear raw and swollen and this appearance will start to settle down within a few days. Pain relief medication is advised.
  • You are required to keep in contact with me by text or mobile every four hours for the 1st 12 hours after the circumcision or any other time of the day or night if you are concerned in any way.
  • If you would like I can arrange a follow up appointment for two weeks after the dressing has been removed.

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