Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks involved in circumcision?

Circumcision is a very simple and uncomplicated procedure. It very rarely causes infection with less than 1:500 cases. Bleeding may occur on occasions, but can be solved by redressing the wound. 

What is the best age for circumcision?

The younger the baby is the better. The best age for circumcision is under 4 weeks providing the baby is a healthy weight and everything is well. The healing is much faster and he feels less at this age.  


What circumcision method do you use?

I use the traditional circumcision method. It is a very quick procedure, which only takes a few seconds. I also do not use stitches or a plastibell. This lessens the risk of infection. 


Is there a difference between Muslim, Jewish or African circumcision?

The actual circumcision is the same, there are just different customs surrounding the procedure. 


How long is the healing period?

The full healing process takes 7-10 days and usually no longer than 2 weeks. The dressing is removed within a few minutes, which improves the healing process. 


Why would I want to use a member of the Initiation Society?

Founded over 250 years ago, The Initiation Society has existed to ensure the highest medical and religious standards for circumcisions amongst its practitioners. All of its practitioners have undergone and passed formal and practical training and exam qualifications both in the medical and religious aspects of circumcisions. By choosing a member of the Initiation Society, you can rest assured that your baby is in safe hands. 


Will my baby be irritable and in pain after the procedure?

Your baby should be back to himself within no time. It is normal to be slightly irritable for a few hours but should relax quickly. Try to keep to his routine as much as possible. 


Will there be complications following a Circumcision?

This is uncommon. Bleeding or swelling can happen infrequently. Other complications, but which are rare as mentioned, can be treated with medication. 


Can the circumcision be done at home?

Yes, I can come do the circumcision in your home. You can have our premium luxury service of home circumcision for an extra charge. 


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